Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Am Turning Into a Lazy Bum

No posts lately because I have been too busy doing not much of anything. In fact I am not sure what I have been doing with all my time, but not work, that's for sure.

It is pretty bad when you have to take the whole week off before your vacation to get ready and then the whole week after to recover. And then again, I am not sure that a quick 1100 mile drive each way with two sick kids really counts as a vacation. But I will say that Mo and smiley Mr. Carter are probably the only kids in the world who could be such good sports about a trip like that. They never complained and didn't have a single meltdown, even though I know from talking to the adults who caught that crappy virus that they had to be feeling pretty bad.
When we were at the hotel every time we got ready to go somewhere Mo would say, "I don't want to go home!" When we got home we were so happy, but Mo wanted to keep going and find another rest stop to play. I just love that little trooper spirit in her, and promised her another trip soon. I am not sure how she would react to going on a long trip without her mama but I think she is a little traveler and can't wait to take her again. Maybe a trip to visit her cousins in MA.

Only one problem there, can we talk about Potty Training soon? Mo is totally against the idea and even though the Tattooed Mama has had some serious discussions with her about it she has ruled it out. Bribes have been offered and she has sweetly declined. I am not sure what the next step is, but I suspect that it won't be pretty and so the impasse continues.

Mr. Carter thought the whole thing was insanity and even though he was tolerant of being buckled in his seat for days and imprisoned in the little Pak n Play at night he was more than happy to get home and sleep in his beloved crib and run free through the house. Poor baby, I think he might eventually get over his car seat aversion. At least I hope so.

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