Thursday, May 7, 2009

Death of the Wooden Refrigerator

I am baaaack! From where I don't know. But I have had several comments that I have been missed. How sweet.
I guess I have had a lot going on and I won't try to account for everything or pick up where I left off, that might be a bit too much information even for my most avid fans.
Matt and Krystal and David moved in with us last weekend while Matty is waiting to find out about whether he is going to have surgery to fuse the broken vertabrae in his neck. It was a gloomy rainy weekend but it just seemed like everything was going to work out fine, because we had plenty of help and 3 days to get everyone settled in. Fred and Marcia even offered to show up with BBQ for us for the hungry movers. How good is that? So I just pictured that we would get all the stuff moved in on Saturday and then have Sunday and Monday to organize and adjust.

Then, I discovered the warm ice cubes in the wooden door refrigerator. Really, ice cubes are NOT supposed to be warm. So this was a big clue that something was seriously wrong. Now, this had been one of my worst fears for a while, because I knew in my heart that frig was not well. And I also knew that you do not easily replace a 30 year old wooden door refrigerator that was built into a custom built cabinet with an island that was haphazardly placed 30 inches away with a dishwasher square in font of the refrigerator. So after 3 days of refrigerator trading and moving and cabinet modification and temporarily having a frig that turned on the dishwasher whenever you opened the frig door, we have a working frig with exactly 1/4" of clearance to open the dishwasher and the door is on crooked and we are waiting for the Whirlpool repairman to come and make it right.

We are all exhausted from the ordeal and I decided that I really needed to try to get things functional again. So I went downstairs to figure out what to do with all the clothes and to try to organize a bit so I could get back to work on my quilt kits. While moving things from here to there and not accomplishing much of anything I spotted a cute scrap of fleece leftover from Anna's fuzzy pants, and decided my time would be better spent making a new bed for Miss Lola. See, it just matches her little pink heart tag? And it used up a half a box of the stringy scaps I was saving to make kitty pillows for Marly's girls. No worries, I ended up cutting out about a dozen more quilt kits too and refilled the box so I still have 3 boxes of scraps for kitty pillows. Didn't figure out what to do with all the clothes and stuff, but plenty of time for that.

David is all happy most of the time. He is still trying to figure out how to get his walker to go on the carpet, but he sure loves running up the hall and looking at himself in the big mirror. And he has a fun game that he likes to play with Tata at the table. He rolls the cup and Tata catches it before it falls, most of the time. When he is tired he fusses until Tata rocks him to sleep.

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  1. I have 5 of the cutest great nephews and nieces IN THE WORLD! Whoops, put the 3 Palmer kids in the mix, too! My sis-in-law stays pretty special in this mix, too. And I'm going to have a fridge with a top I can clean. Sorry your fridge went out! =0) xoxoxo