Thursday, June 4, 2009

Birds and Baby David, We Can't Be Bored?

With everything that seems to be going on around here you would think I would have posted some pictures and updated you about our busy life. But no, we are much too busy with our new hobby, Birdwatching. It has become quite the obsession here lately. I have been trying for 4 years to attract hummingbirds with little success until this year when we seem to have hit the jackpot. I wanted to get my feeder out early this year and decided to go on the cheap (cheep?) and make my own syrup instead of buying the powdered stuff at Wally's. It was an instant success and before we knew it we had hummingbirds lining up like it was the MickyD's drive thru out there. They became bold and started buzzing past our heads and if we happen to be standing in the way of the feeder they will just hover in front of your face with that "excuse me?" look. Then in the evenings we began to witness hummingbird wars, with one hovering off the deck guarding the feeder to dive bomb and chase off the competition. So we invested in 2 more feeders and it seems they multiplied. Matt and Krissy are into this in a big way too. They are keeping track of how much juice is consumed daily and Matt has the camera at the door trying to catch one perched on the tree branch. Yesterday he discovered this yellow bird, which we don't know what it is and he stalked it all day today to get this picture.

Well that keeps our little minds busy when we are not watching the baby.

Who loves Oreos?

Not quite ready for Guitar Hero, but we'll see what we can do with the Fisher Price version.

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