Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flashback Friday - 29 Year Ago

Joining Ann's Flashback Friday again and this one was truly a flashback.

On Jan. 1, 1980 I got my period. Trust me, I just remember that happened on exactly that day. And I had not thought about it for quite some time until last weekend when I had a flashback to that day:

I was still breastfeeding my 6 month old, but over the holidays had decided to start her on some bottles to allow me to be away from her for short periods of time. So I had not had a period for 15 months and then suddenly on new years day I did. And then I promptly forgot about it. I was too busy with a 6 year old and a 6 month old to give it any thought. So, about 6 or 8 weeks later I was talking to Aunt Ruby, who lived next door, and mentioned that I was not feeling that well. She said "you aren't pregnant are you?" I was flabbergasted that she would suggest such a thing, never mind that she has 6 kids and might have a clue.

After some thought though I decided that I should make a doctor appointment with my OB. Keep in mind that back then women were not trusted to handle any kind of health issues on their own, so there were no home pregnancy kits. And I just had that sinking feeling by then. I knew.

I must have taken K to school and left the baby with Ruby. I just remember walking out of the doctor's office and there was Mr. RainbowCreek, standing by the door. He had parked his work truck in the hospital delivery zone and taken a break to wait for me. I know I must have had a look of dread on my face. I just couldn't imagine how we would cope with another baby. Money was tight, we were stretched to the limit. But when I told him, yes, it was positive, he just smiled and gave me this big hug. That is when he told me he never wanted two kids. He thought three would be much better. I guess I will never forget that moment. And of course he was right, three was much better, I can't imagine our family without Matty Fatty and all his escapades. He was his daddy's nemesis, and still is, he is my mama's boy, and K's bad boy baby brother and the Tattooed Mama's best friend forever.

Last weekend we were planning a long day with Mo and baby Carter, while the Tattooed Mama and The Tattooed Daddy were supposed to be out looking for a new truck. They showed up early to pick up the kids, I told them that they were back too soon and Mo was going to be mad because she wanted to stay for a long long time at our house. I really thought she was joking when she announced that they had to trade in her car for a bigger car because they couldn't fit 3 car seats in the Audi. I actually laughed at her because I didn't believe her when she said "you're going to have another grandbaby." But then I saw that look on her face. I know it was the same look I must have had 29 years ago. And I could honestly say to her, "I know exactly how you feel. And I know that everything is going to be fine."

Because 3 is better than 2 if it was just meant to be. And there is always enough room in our hearts for one more. We don't know who this little person is yet, but I know he or she will be super special and so loved. What else matters?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's still February?

Strange how February can seem like the longest month when in fact it is the shortest.

I want to announce though that I think I have done a pretty good job of coping with my Seasonal Affective Disorder this year. I used to say that I have to soak up every minute of summer and store energy to get me through as much of the winter as possible. Usually I am good through the holidays and then it starts to wear down. Last year I took a different approach and through the summer and fall I would think of all things that I could do during the winter and store those things away in my mind so that I was actually looking forward to winter as a time to accomplish some of my goals. And I have accomplished some of them, others I have a ways to go but it seems to have done me wonders. At least I am not a raving wingnut, threatening to run off to a desert island like I was at this time last year. I have witnesses.

And my weight gain has been a little less than normal and I have already started working on that. Not that I plan on being in a bikini by summer or anything like that. I haven't quite committed to the green smoothie diet I was looking at last night, just healthier will do for now.

I have had some sad times but I don't think they were really attributable to SAD. Matty's accident was probably the most significant and traumatic event that we have had to cope with. And I admit that I have done a lot of crying since then. Part of that is just the whole situation has been so stressful and another part is self pity because I so badly wanted to go to Illinois to see my mom and dad, which turned out to be impossible due to the accident. But in another way it has given me a chance to really appreciate what a great family we have. Not that I haven't always realized that, but in times of need those small gestures and support from everyone take on a greater meaning. So I have had some very happy times just reflecting on all that I have to grateful for.

March is not my favorite month at all, I don't really associate it with spring like the retailers do because we get plenty of cold wet weather in March. But I have some spring projects and 2 spring swaps to look forward to, so we will see if I can trick myself into believing that winter is over. Of course it helps when you have days like today when you can have the doors and windows open all day while you work. I told that to the New England Mama today and I think she told me to pissoff!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Carter Stealing the Sippy Cup

I swear Carter is a pinball. He is just determined to get into everything in his path, and shove it all in his mouth if he can. This includes slippers, socks, rocks and if you give him real food he will sit down and sit still long enough to shove it all in his mouth. But then he is off again is search of something else to get into.

He likes to keep his hands free to grab anything in his path, so he has perfected this method of carrying whatever he wants in his mouth. And he can steal Morgan's sippy cup and drink from it while he runs away with it.

Here he is caught in the act!

Morgan was camera shy today. We made cupcakes and she did a beautiful job decorating them, but did not want to take a picture with them. She did want to take them all home and when I asked if we could keep a few here for TaTa she said "nope, they are my cupcakes."

Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashback Friday - Babies in Bumbos

My Flashback Friday Free For All is the Babies in Bumbo's gallery. I had some new pics of David in the Bumbo that I hadn't posted yet, so I had to go look at the the other baby bumbo pics so I could laugh at them again. I figure everybody can use a good laugh so thought I would share.

Now I think the Bumbo is the silliest piece of baby equipment ever invented. The Tattooed Mama recieved this as a gift from one of her friends who assured her that babies love them. But I think they are more for the amusement of adults. The only purpose they seem to have it to sit the baby in them and take some hilarious pictures of the baby with a WTF look on their face and pass the pics around for everyone to laugh at. I would not exactly classify that as child abuse, but... exploitation?

And then you pass the Bumbo on to the next person who has a baby and they can send you some pics of their baby for you to laugh at.

Morgan: Whoa, are you sure this thing is safe?

Morgan: I've fallen and I can't get up!

Abby: Say, could you pass me another shot?

Carter: Are you laughing at me?

Carter: Yeah, and I'll get you back for this some day.

David: Wait, I have to think about this.

David: Oh, I get it now, come on horsey, giddy up! Why isn't it going?

Hope you enjoyed the gallery of Bumbo Babies. Have a good caption or a good bumbo baby pic? Please comment! And visit Ann Glamore's My Tiny Kingdom to see more Free For All Flashback Friday Posts!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Made This For Anna

Kaisha said Anna needs a little bag to carry when they go shopping.

I saw this cute pattern on All People Quilt and downloaded it yesterday. It was supposed to be strip pieced but I had this new charm pack called Oh Cherry Oh that I picked up last week, cute and girly looking.

I had fun making it, but didn't get it done in time to put it in the package with the snow pants I sent yesterday. So I made a little raggy wallet to go inside the bag and will get it sent when I go to the PO tomorrow.

I have three plastic bins full of buttons, but couldn't find a cute red button for the wallet so I just glued a lime green gingham bow on the front and put a velcro closure on the flap.

Today I had to go to the fabric store for more quilt kit fabrics. I didn't know flannels were on sale this week for $2/yd, that was a nice surprise. I couldn't find a whole bolt of white so had to have her unroll the bolt and measure. A full bolt is 25 yards, the one I got ended up being 23 yards and then we had to roll it all back on the bolt.

I was out of pink and blue flannel again already so got 10 yds each of those. So now I can get back to work. But it was fun taking a break and making the little purse.

I hope the kids get the package tomorrow. Anna has had to stay inside for reccess because she doesn't have any snow pants that fit her. Kaisha said she looked everywhere and the stores have swimsuits out now and she even tried bidding on some on ebay but got outbid by 50 cents. I happened to be in Wally's the next day and figured I would check and see if they had any. I found two big racks of snow pants on clearance! No snow in Colorado this year so I guess they didn't sell.

Also, Marcia said they let her kids go out without coats when it is freezing here. I heard her yelling at one of the teachers at the car pool lane one day when they sent the kids out in short sleeve shirts with no jacket. She always calls me to chat while she waits in line. It was very cold and windy that day and it does seem that the teachers should have enough sense, huh? I guess New England teachers still do things the old fashioned way.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Matt and David

Matty has a silly dance he does with David. It makes David laugh and cracks Matt and Krissy up. They seem to have a lot of fun spending their every waking minute making sure that David is entertained.

Then they say he is so demanding.

Ha ha, why wouldn't he be when he can make them dance all day for his entertainment? When we got there David was sound asleep and Matt kept saying "go ahead, you can poke him and wake him up, he's been asleep for a while so he is probably ready to get up and play." First time parents are soooo funny! I found this picture of Matty and Missy in the photos I dug out last night. It does remind me of David. Matt was probably about 4 months old in this pic. David doesn't quite have the chipmunk cheeks yet though.

Can't you just tell Missy is saying "NO MATT, I get a big glass and you can't have it!" Of course she probably wasn't supposed to have it either. I don't think I let her run around the house with big glasses at 19 months old. But then again who knows? If you look close at the picture Matt has a paper cup that is smashed. Who the heck knows what he was doing with that. Third child, it was all a blur by then.

30 Years is a long time, but not really...

This is my 30th wedding anniversary post, I am replaying it for Flashback Friday. . .
Love, look at the two of us.
When we met, you looked like this. And I told you that we were going to get married and live happily ever after. You didn't belive me, but you said hop in my Celica and we can go for a ride and talk about it. Or whatever...

And I looked like this. (Ok, my scanning is a little cockeyed, but you can see why!)
But eventually you saw it my way and on February 9, 1979 we made it official. And you can tell from this picture that this is just the beginning of happily ever after.



Joy? Joy?

Well at some point I might have been looking a little perplexed. What was I thinking?!!

And what were you thinking?

We have so much love and happy that it just seems to multiply.

And you are still the coolest guy I know.

Happy Anniversary to the best husband, dad, and grandpa ever!

Love you forever, me

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This Blog Is Not Abandoned

I have seriously been meaning to get back here to this blog to post something. What a crazy week, and I am still not completely caught up yet. That is not a complaint by any means. I would hate to be bored, and no danger of that at the moment.

So Matty called me today to ask if I checked my email lately. In fact I had not checked it in the past 15 minutes, unusual for me but true because I was between computers at the moment.

I get up in the (ahem) "morning" and turn on the coffee and then turn on Mr. Rainbow Creek's laptop on the coffee table while I wait for the coffee to make. Grab me some coffee and check all my emails and blogs and stores and just kind of plan my strategy for the day.

I DO NOT work in my PJs ever. So I have to get dressed and "get ready" before I actually "go to work" hopefully before the crack of noon. Then when I am ready for work I go to my office and turn on MY computer and check my email and my stores and make a list of what I plan to accomplish in the batcave for the day.

At least I have some structure in my life, right?

I know Matt and Krissy were excited to get the new hand me down computer from Narly so they could post pictures and keep in touch with the family. So I anxiously went to check my email to see if they had sent me some cute new pics of David.

Here is what Matt is doing with his time while his broken neck is healing. He is turning my grandson into a little baby redneck.

I guess he discovered that David's onesie was too small so he decided to cut off the sleeves and the bottom and make him a little "mommy beater" shirt.

David is sure bulking up, isn't he?
I admit I thought is was pretty funny, but ....
I don't know about that daddy.