Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's still February?

Strange how February can seem like the longest month when in fact it is the shortest.

I want to announce though that I think I have done a pretty good job of coping with my Seasonal Affective Disorder this year. I used to say that I have to soak up every minute of summer and store energy to get me through as much of the winter as possible. Usually I am good through the holidays and then it starts to wear down. Last year I took a different approach and through the summer and fall I would think of all things that I could do during the winter and store those things away in my mind so that I was actually looking forward to winter as a time to accomplish some of my goals. And I have accomplished some of them, others I have a ways to go but it seems to have done me wonders. At least I am not a raving wingnut, threatening to run off to a desert island like I was at this time last year. I have witnesses.

And my weight gain has been a little less than normal and I have already started working on that. Not that I plan on being in a bikini by summer or anything like that. I haven't quite committed to the green smoothie diet I was looking at last night, just healthier will do for now.

I have had some sad times but I don't think they were really attributable to SAD. Matty's accident was probably the most significant and traumatic event that we have had to cope with. And I admit that I have done a lot of crying since then. Part of that is just the whole situation has been so stressful and another part is self pity because I so badly wanted to go to Illinois to see my mom and dad, which turned out to be impossible due to the accident. But in another way it has given me a chance to really appreciate what a great family we have. Not that I haven't always realized that, but in times of need those small gestures and support from everyone take on a greater meaning. So I have had some very happy times just reflecting on all that I have to grateful for.

March is not my favorite month at all, I don't really associate it with spring like the retailers do because we get plenty of cold wet weather in March. But I have some spring projects and 2 spring swaps to look forward to, so we will see if I can trick myself into believing that winter is over. Of course it helps when you have days like today when you can have the doors and windows open all day while you work. I told that to the New England Mama today and I think she told me to pissoff!

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