Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This Blog Is Not Abandoned

I have seriously been meaning to get back here to this blog to post something. What a crazy week, and I am still not completely caught up yet. That is not a complaint by any means. I would hate to be bored, and no danger of that at the moment.

So Matty called me today to ask if I checked my email lately. In fact I had not checked it in the past 15 minutes, unusual for me but true because I was between computers at the moment.

I get up in the (ahem) "morning" and turn on the coffee and then turn on Mr. Rainbow Creek's laptop on the coffee table while I wait for the coffee to make. Grab me some coffee and check all my emails and blogs and stores and just kind of plan my strategy for the day.

I DO NOT work in my PJs ever. So I have to get dressed and "get ready" before I actually "go to work" hopefully before the crack of noon. Then when I am ready for work I go to my office and turn on MY computer and check my email and my stores and make a list of what I plan to accomplish in the batcave for the day.

At least I have some structure in my life, right?

I know Matt and Krissy were excited to get the new hand me down computer from Narly so they could post pictures and keep in touch with the family. So I anxiously went to check my email to see if they had sent me some cute new pics of David.

Here is what Matt is doing with his time while his broken neck is healing. He is turning my grandson into a little baby redneck.

I guess he discovered that David's onesie was too small so he decided to cut off the sleeves and the bottom and make him a little "mommy beater" shirt.

David is sure bulking up, isn't he?
I admit I thought is was pretty funny, but ....
I don't know about that daddy.


  1. The Matt and David "Mommy Beater" Pic made it's way around the United States courtesy of Narly. The pic caused as much chatter as bumbo pics!! What a fun photo and David IS buffing up into the chubby cheek boy his mommy wants. =0) I love those guys and gal.

  2. I love it!!!! What a cutie. Matt IS funny....