Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's baaaacckk! Winter that is. Brrrrr, was it cold today, and I was happy to have quilt kits to work on and stay inside. We didn't really get any snow to speak of but it seemed that a heavy cloud was just settled over the valley here and the trees all frosted up. It was really very pretty.

I got a Menu Plan Monday post up over on my cooking blog. And I posted my Mexican Pork Chops and Rice recipe that I made tonight. I used some of the serrano chiles that Krystal gave me and it had quite a kick, but a tasty choice for a cold day.

I hope I can get Sheila to install the new template tomorrow on Rainbow Creek Kitchen. I have just been so busy that I haven't gotten in touch with her yet to get it set up. Got 5 quilt kits shipped today and hope that some more sales will come my way this week. I have 4 more sold on the bay that I am waiting on payment for so not complaining for now. She wanted to send a money order which ebay does not allow any more but I have been known to break a rule from time to time ; )

Tomorrow will be fun. I get to pick a project from my list of want to do's! Yaaay!

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