Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Glorious Spring Day?

I guess this is one of the benefits of living in Colorado, if you have to live somewhere that has winter anyway. We always seem to get these little breaks in the weather, that kind of lift your spirits. Today was supposed to get up to about 70 degrees. I'll take any January day that is 70 degrees!

I tried to get a pic of the thermometer on the deck, didn't turn out so good even with photoshopping it. The sky was actually a much prettier darker blue, but I had to brighten it to get the thermometer to show. I hate my camera! It's on my list of things that must be replaced one of these days.

I got my heat bill this week and it was a whopper of a bill! Last month was really cold, so I am very grateful for the warmer weather even for a few days.

Most people think Colorado is Arctic cold all the time but most of the snow stays in the mountains and temps are usually more moderate here than the midwest or northeast. This picture was taken a couple days after Thanksgiving in 2005. The kids were having a picnic and riding their bikes.

And this one was taken the very next day. I guess in Colorado you get to have all the seasons in one week sometimes. It has been so nice here the past week that Morgan keeps looking out her window at the pool and asking if they can go swimming. But I think it is supposed to snow again on Friday. Sigh.

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