Saturday, January 17, 2009

OK, Here is the chatter blog

First post on this blog. This is the place for family, friends and chatter.

I hope to keep this spot updated with all my mundane odds and ends, this and thats.

And don't be shy! Leave a comment every now and then too. What do you think?

Oh yeah, I guess this post will need a pic just to get things started.

We got an invitation in the mail today for a very special Birthday Party for a special almost 3 year old girl. Max and Ruby are invited too! And TaTa says there might be a Worm Cake. Yuck.


  1. There will most definitely be a worm cake!! Would you expect any less at a Max & Ruby party??

  2. Like your new HOME....
    Oh and that picture is that a view from your home???? No matter what it's beautiful.


  3. Yes, it is a summertime view from the deck. Wish it looked that pretty now. How long til spring?

  4. If it were summer you would wish you were at the beach instead anyway! =)