Monday, February 9, 2009

Matt and David

Matty has a silly dance he does with David. It makes David laugh and cracks Matt and Krissy up. They seem to have a lot of fun spending their every waking minute making sure that David is entertained.

Then they say he is so demanding.

Ha ha, why wouldn't he be when he can make them dance all day for his entertainment? When we got there David was sound asleep and Matt kept saying "go ahead, you can poke him and wake him up, he's been asleep for a while so he is probably ready to get up and play." First time parents are soooo funny! I found this picture of Matty and Missy in the photos I dug out last night. It does remind me of David. Matt was probably about 4 months old in this pic. David doesn't quite have the chipmunk cheeks yet though.

Can't you just tell Missy is saying "NO MATT, I get a big glass and you can't have it!" Of course she probably wasn't supposed to have it either. I don't think I let her run around the house with big glasses at 19 months old. But then again who knows? If you look close at the picture Matt has a paper cup that is smashed. Who the heck knows what he was doing with that. Third child, it was all a blur by then.


  1. I'm sure that even at that age the two of them were plotting some way to annoy ME!

    As for Matty and Krissy....Hopeless..... Until number 2 comes along! =)

  2. Too cute! I am sure that people laugh at us being first time parents too! I also have a silly dance! LOL!